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The difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning?

Steam cleaning uses carpet shampoo and water to remove dirt from your carpet safely. This method does take longer to dry, whereas carpet dry cleaning uses no or little water which means it would dry faster. The dry method is also for those delicate carpets. The results are more effective steamed cleaned however it depends on the circumstances in terms of selecting the method.

How often should you clean your carpet professionally?

At a normal household, it is recommended to service your carpet professionally every 3-6 months. Of course, the more people and pets living in your household it would mean you would want your carpet serviced more often. Other factors can be whether it is used commercially or domestically and if any individual has allergies.

Will this service guarantee stain removal?

Removing a stain can be tricky, this would depend on the cause of the stain and the time period it was stained. The carpet clean will attempt to remove the stains with the correct product and methods however this may not guarantee the stain to be removed completely. The stain may be drastically reduced, again if the stain was attended immediately or as soon as possible, then stain is more likely to be removed.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry after steam clean?

Generally, it would take 2-6 hours for the carpet to dry completely. There are factors which may speed the process or slow down the process of the carpeting drying. If the windows are open and the fan is running it would speed the process and if it’s summer it’s a bonus. The level of humidity and how extensively the carpet is cleaned can also be a factor. We also have special fans to speed up the drying time.

What furniture should be moved before the carpet is serviced?

It is recommended to ensure there is a clear space for the areas treated. Any small or light furniture will be moved for you if it is feasible and safe to do, however, larger heavy or fragile items may not be. Lounges, chairs, and beds with wheels may be moved, though any shelves, computer or audio / visual equipment will not be.

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