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Low staff performance?

It could be caused by the workplace cleanliness

Pearl Carpet Cleaning also offers Commercial Cleaning services near you for your business, big or small. Research indicates a clean environment in a workplace increases staff efficiency and productivity.

Think about it, in a workplace depending on the size, people are constantly walking and stomping on the floor with all sorts of footwear. This means your carpet or tiled floors are wearing out. We offer a range of commercial cleaning services Sydney and our service is personalized to you. Keep reading to find out more.

Commercial & Office Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning services for your business

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service Sydney

Commercial cleaning services near you

A clean workplace goes a long way, call us now or send us an email to resolve this.

Have you noticed a decrease in staff performance or an increase of sick leave? Are your staff or you suffering from the following symptoms?

  • Itchy and Red Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Increase in Stress
  • Runny and Itchy Nose
  • Skin Irritations
  • Coughing or Struggling to Breathe

If so, the reason is most likely due to a dirty workplace. A clean workplace goes a long way, call us now or send us an email to resolve this. Think about it, an ineffective workplace means your business is not making its potential profits or taking long to make.

Before we start, we thoroughly inspect the area and carefully select the correct tools, equipment, product and machinery that suits your carpet, offering you the best Sydney commercial carpet cleaner service in the area.

Leading Sydney Commercial Rug Cleaners

Regular cleans can increase the life of the carpet, which saves future expenses of replacing it. The commercial carpet cleaning not only provides a clean working environment but also gives a visual punch. Making the workplace more attractive and appealing not only for customers but staff as well.

Also have stained carpets? No worries! We got you covered. We will treat your stains and spots as well with an industry grade shampoo and conditioner. Leaving your carpet smelling and feeling fresh in no time.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods:

We can cater to offices as well as hotels & industrial workplaces, offering the highest level of occupational health and safety standards. Don’t the dust mites, mould, dust and other irritants affect your staff performance, let us fix the problem so you get the best out of your employees. Don’t have carpet at your workplace? Keep reading to find out more about our Tile Cleaning and workplace upholstery Cleaning services.

Efficient & Affordable Commercial Services

No worries! We got you covered!

Best Sydney commercial carpet cleaner in the area!


Commercial Tile Cleaning Service

Tiled floors are one of those floorings that have a longer life span, HOWEVER maintaining your tiles will help extend the life span. If you are a Business that regularly have guests and visitors entering the space, appearance does affect their overall experience and impression. FIRST IMPRESSION matters.

Most importantly in an office cleaning workplace, the Bathroom needs to be maintained and spotless. Especially if this workplace is a public area, the cleanliness sets the mood and creates a positive brand image of the Business.

If your tiles are looking dull, discoloured and dirty, it’s not a good look for anyone to see. Contact us today and get your tile fixture. We will remove and clean the grouts inbetween the tiles formed overtime from a buildup of moisture and dirt along with polishing the tiles back to brand new.

Let us take care of your tiles, put your tiles in our hands. We will look after them, we will select the most appropriate methods with the most appropriate machinery.

Pay for a top notch corporate cleaning company service that will do the job properly, don’t pay a service that’s ineffective and possibly damaging to your tiles.


Sydney Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Service

Too close to comfort! No one likes to touch a dirty surface little on sit on a dirty stained chair or sofa. Alike carpets, workplace furniture is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Your staff are working hours in this workplace, spending an almost equal time here than at home. As mentioned before, the cleanliness of your workplace affects your staff productivity.

After your fixture from our commercial upholstery cleaning service near you, you and your employees will feel the difference. Your workplace will be looking fresh daily, and smelling clean and new. Maintaining your furniture will also extend its lifespan, which means you save costs on purchasing new furnishing. Think of this as an investment and not an expense.

Put the smile back on your employees, invest in us to invest in your Businesses future. We implement the most effective and quick drying method to your office furnishing so you can use it right away. We maintain your office furnishing with a protective coat.

There is no time to waste your employees are counting on you, contact us now to worry less.

Why Choose Our  Sydney Commercial Cleaning Services?

Best Commercial Cleaning Services Near You

  • We listen and understand you
  • We provide solutions for you and help maintain them
  • We use safe methods and products
  • We do not take short cuts, every edge and corner is inspected and cleaned
  • We know you are a running Business, we work around you, this includes fast drying methods.
  • We work with appointment times that suit you.
  • We do not have hidden costs, all quotes are provided before serviced
  • We include stain/spot removal & deodorizing as part of the price given.
  • We treat you business as it is our own Home!

Today is your chance to make a difference, whether you need a corporate cleaning company or just a simply commercial rug cleaner don’t wait another second. Call us on 1300 144 978 or click on our contact us page for a free quote today.

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